Freedom through Fashion a success!

Thank you to all who came out to support Freedom through Fashion on June 11, 2010.

Freedom Star Mentorship put on a fantastic show featuring a plethora of talented and philanthropic New York designers and musicians. The event raised enough proceeds for FPA to offer CAD software to its student body!

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Freedom through Fashion Crew

Freedom through Fashion Crew
(L to R: Javier, Christian, Angela, Celeta, Sahar, Jelani, Kyle)

Underground System Afro Beat

Leading a new charge in Brooklyn's burgeoning Afrobeat revival, Underground System is here to get you up onto your feet and into the groove in a serious way. Raw, uncut, 100% Afro-funk throwdown.... ain't no 'bout a doubt it. The brainchild of guitarist Peter Matson, who fell in love with the music and story of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti while playing in an ensemble directed by members of the seminal Afrobeat group Antibalas, Underground System aims to both preserve and progress the amazing sounds that were eminating from Nigeria and the rest of West Africa in the 70's (with plenty of stateside funk, jazz, and roots influences to boot).


8-0-8 performing their new single June 11th!

Performing at FPA Fashion Show June 11th!

With A Fresh Sound, Unique Style, and Incredably Energetic, And Electrifying Show, from with Non Stop Entertaining Singing, Dancing, And All together

Four Man Show, Christian, Saint, TK And K-Starr, New "Pop" Group "8-0-8" Are Here, And Ready to Shake this Industry Up. From Top To Bottom

EUNSMUSIC performing June 11th!

EUNSMUSIC is the creation of Eunice Wong's sultry voice, honest lyrics and ever-evolving musical composition, with supporting input from ETV Production’s Ken Goldfeder, and NYC's “Reason Prodigy” Pipe Quiroz and “Guitar Hero” Jo Keita.

EUNSMUSIC is a fun combination of club-jolting dance tracks, as well as gut-warming and soulful love songs with unforgettable vocals.

Also performing June 11th . . . Los Lunatikos


All the designers below will have pop-up boutiques at the event for your shopping pleasure! Buy it before it hits the catwalk!!
11:17 AM


Don't miss it people!!! 

Friday, June 11 at Frances Perkins Academy located at 50 Bedford Avenue at North 12st. Brooklyn, NY (Automotive high school campus auditorium). 

The show Starts at 6:00 Sharp and ends at 9:00. There will be three raffle baskets including prizes from Victoria Secret, MARK makeup and an iPOD shuffle!! Enjoy live performances, fashion show, and 
music that will flow with everyone's soul. 

So make sure your there for this extravagant show that us 7 students put together to help out our school. 


10:51 PM

SHOP Freedom Star Accessories June 11th!

1:55 PM

DJC Existence Purses

7:44 PM

Academy of Urban Planning & Parsons

We've partnered with another successful high school class from AUP, led by Mr. Jon Martin. His senior class has partnered with Parsons to create a line of tee-shirts, shoes and accessories. To stay true to AUP's mission, the shirts represent their community and what they are doing to give back to...BUSCHWICK!

Check them at their pop-up boutique and on the catwalk!

11:56 AM

Jaewoo Kim's Marvelous uncanny designs


*Speaking out through ones work without any words may tell a whole story called art.* C.A.V

11:14 AM

People In Gear

11:06 AM

MusicaWear Clothing

FPA's Finest

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